Little Red Roaster

Squashed onto a small road of Estate Agents, eateries and something else I can’t remember, Little Red Roaster can be found just a minutes walk from Parkstone train station.

Since the refurb at the start of the new year, bright oranges and pinks line the walls and funky patterns and floral designs coat the chairs and tables. There are books, CDs and coffee merchandise available to buy and the shop has a real community feel.


Most importantly, the coffee. It is fantastic! It’s brewed by Red Roaster themselves and carefully paired with the most appropriate brewing methods, so you’re getting the best out of what you’re drinking!

The baristas are extremely knowledgeable and really friendly, especially James – his enthusiasm for all things coffee really shines through and makes me want to question him constantly!


clever dripper with chocolate and lime coffee – Peru Tunki

It’s also a great place for lunch, as they serve homemade quiches, pies, salads and bagels of all kinds. There are jars of sweet treats that line the counter top for those who want small bites and let me tell you, they are fantastic!


General opening hours are 9-5 and card payments are accepted. Free Wi-Fi is also available. For more information you can find them on Facebook, or via their website here.


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